Creamy Cilantro Corn Salad

Creamy Cilantro Corn Salad 12

There are many steps involved in making a recipe for a blog.

1. Tasty Recipe.  Check.  This Creamy Cilantro Corn Salad tastes great.  Sweet corn enhances the tangy creamy cilantro dressing.  Perfect!

Good tasting recipes don’t always come together as easy as you may think.  Sometimes you have a great idea in your head that just does not translate well to good taste.  Then the problem solving begins.  Why does the recipe not work?  Is there something that could be added or taken away that could make the dish better….or should this combination of food never be brought into the light of day?

Creamy Cilantro Corn Salad 21

2. Attractive Recipe.  Check.  This recipe is packed with color.  Color translates to good pictures and to your stomach getting that little rumbly feeling when it sees the tasty color combinations.


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Potato Hash with Smoked Trout 6

Potato Hash with Smoked Trout

I remember several years ago attending a party with many of my friends. The host of the party was a semi-foodie…she loved food but did not like to cook. She held parties and pleasantly requested that everyone bring a dish.  She was usually responsible for salads because they involved no cooking and she could put… 

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Pomegranate Pulled Pork Sandwich 2

Pomegranate Pulled Pork Sandwich

Can it really be too hot outside?  I say that it actually can be too hot outside.  I can feel the sun rise early in the morning, teasing me with its glow and providing a sweltering heat with accompanying humidity.  I may have to carry around my own personal fan.  It is far too hot… 

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What I Learned the First Year

What I Learned The First Year Blogging

  Has it really been one whole year since I began blogging?  Well, actually it has been a little longer – but I consider the beginning of July the time that I really started to write down my recipes and begin to share them.  The first few posts I did were a test, a very… 

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Miso Ginger Coleslaw 7

Miso Ginger Coleslaw

Growing up, my mom made coleslaw by shredding some cabbage, shredding some carrots and adding many large spoonfuls of mayonnaise with a few dashes of salt and pepper for good measure.  Yup, straight mayonnaise and nothing else.  This dish (and my mom’s mayonnaise dripping tuna fish sandwich) are probably the main reasons I am a… 

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Veggie Quinoa Burger 9

Veggie Quinoa Burger

Summertime, summertime, sum, sum, summertime…or should I say vistortime, visitortime, visit, visit, visitortime.  Do you find that this time of year you have many more visitors than at any other time?  I do.  A friend recently came who is a vegan – yes I said it – a vegan.  I’m not name calling or judging..them’s… 

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Crunchy Maple Granola

  One of my friends called me today with an amazing sense of awe in her voice.  She was reading my blog and saw the recipe for Honey Coconut Granola.  She decided to make it – but was unsure how she would like the process and the texture.  She decided to make the granola anyways… 

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Blueberry Mango Smoothie 11

Blueberry Mango Smoothie

A smoothie in the summer just feels right, doesn’t it?  A cool drink, filled with berries all mixed together to make a drink that is packed with flavor and nutrition.  I love to sneak in extra health benefits whenever possible – and in this case I have added some freshly ground ginger to this smoothie. … 

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Honey Coconut Granola 6

Honey Coconut Granola

  What day is today?  Yes, I know that is an odd question.  Do you ever have times when you take the trash to the curb a day early?  You show up for an appointment on the wrong day?  You go to meet friends for dinner and no one is there because you showed up… 

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